My first beauty experience, besides stage makeup for dance, was my mom pulling me aside before my family went out to a nice dinner when I was in sixth grade and drawing on eyebrows. I was born with the fairest eyebrow hairs in the world, so much so that growing up several people asked if I had been in a fire and had my eyebrows singed off. Not a great look.

My continuing experiments with makeup were rough. I drew my eyebrows in horribly for years, and in 9th grade wore a stunning look of white eyeshadow with green eyeliner. It was 1999, a different time. I’ve learned since then. And now, I love makeup so much, and I like to think that I have gotten ever so slightly better at picking out colors and looks that flatter, as well as applying it to make the most of my features. I definitely don’t own white eyeshadow anymore, that’s for sure.

I love to get ideas from Pinterest, and when I find a great product or technique, I’ll be sure to share it with you!