Shake It Up

The mental construction of our daily activities, more than the activity itself, defines our reality. – Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

As excited as I am to have FINALLY started my blog after wanting to do this for a long time, I still have been experiencing a lot of related anxiety. It’s mostly just the fear of the unknown, and the worry about putting myself out there, but I noticed yesterday that everything seemed like a huge, almost insurmountable problem. Parts of designing a website seem way beyond me, and it feels like I have no idea what I am doing. I’m sure you have had situations like that, too.

After a day of fretting, a thought occurred to me: what if these problems, though real, aren’t quite as bad as I currently think they are? Is it possible, even though I have no idea how I will solve these problems, that they are, indeed, solvable?

I think it is so important to remember that, for the vast majority of situations we find ourselves in daily, the problem is not the situation itself, but our reaction and perception of the situation. There is more than one way to solve a problem, but many times with an emotional mind in the moment, there doesn’t seem to be many options.

What I reminded myself to do, after having a nice little freak out, was to take a step back and do something else for awhile. This is where time waster sites come in handy, or getting out for a little walk or running an errand. Basically, shake it up! Do something different, get yourself out of the mind rut you’re in, and just be somewhere different. If you can, try shaking it up physically, if you have the luxury of being able to change your surroundings, or at least mentally, if you have to stay in the same place. There is no point in hitting your head trying to solve a problem when you only can see one solution to the problem!

When I came back to what I was working on, I was able to work with myself and my restored confidence in my abilities, and I was able to see the task from other sides. And, wouldn’t you know, I was able to find a solution, learn something new, and move on to the next challenge.

Basically, the take away is this: Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, trying to push through a block and think that there is only one way ahead with a problem. Get yourself out of the situation, do something different, and remind yourself that you are creative and are capable of doing amazing things. I bet that when you come back to your task, you will have a fresh perspective and just might be able to tackle your to-do list with fresh eyes!


3 thoughts on “Shake It Up”

  1. Really happy to see this journey! I always need style tips and this is a great way to share your life with people! So many problems are either solved or worked out by coming together and sharing ideas and experiences. I hope you’re feeling brave and fierce about doing this! I can totally relate to checking on things after you’ve done it. I’ve set the alarm at work and then been convinced I didn’t lock one of the exterior doors or turned off the heat so I turn the alarm off before I even get out the door and recheck for the 10th time! Taking a picture is a great idea! Now if I just remember to take the picture…
    Congratulations on taking this step!!!

  2. This is so relevant to me right now. There are so many little projects around my house to be done, and sometimes – no, most of the time! – I get tunnel vision about how to do them, and end up feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Doing something else for a while to clear the tunnel vision makes so much sense!

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