Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

I don’t necessarily think that checking that my stove is off is a sign of OCD, because I think it’s pretty normal to not want your house to burn down, and I do like to make sure my front door is locked when I’m going to bed and when I leave for the day. OCD comes into play when you check the same thing 50 times, because your anxiety won’t believe your brain when you tell yourself the task is completed. My OCD is under enough control that I don’t do that sort of checking, but I will bug Dan about it repeatedly, especially when we go away on a trip, and I’m reliant on my dimming memory of locking the front door.

But, I have a solution! And it’s super easy, AND you can use this solution to assuage yourself any time doubts or worries creep up. Just take a picture of you locking your front door, or the stove being off, or your dog having water…whatever you worry about, just take a quick pic of it, and then you can refer back to it when you start to worry. Best part, especially for your partner, roommate, or friend, is that you can silently check the photo as many times as you would like, and they will not hear one peep out of you asking to confirm. Win-win. Try it the next time you leave the house, and see if it makes a difference for you, and let me know how it goes!

Dan making sure the door is locked before our trip to California!

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